Why Japanese women don’t get fat?

Why Japanese women don’t get fat?

Why Japanese Women Don’t Get Fat is an informative book written by Naomi Moriyama. It’s an excellent read if you are interested in the dieting, exercise, and lifestyle of Japanese women. Most of its content is centered on the perspectives of the author as she relates her own personal experiences in her own life. This is not a “weight loss” book, but it is an excellent guide for anyone who wants to know more about Japanese culture and how it impacts daily life.

The book basically covers four main points regarding Japanese women and the ways they lead their lives. It starts with an introduction on how Moriyama got into writing and her reasons why she chose to write a book on cultural differences between Japan and the West. Then it goes on to share some of the typical Japanese behaviors such as doing housework and cooking by herself, which has to be one of the most time consuming activities in Japan. It then discusses the unique roles of women in Japanese society from both the old and the new generations. Lastly, the book closes by touching on some of the important aspects of traditional gender roles that continue to exist in Japan even today.

Why Japanese Women Don’t Get Fat makes an excellent reference for any woman who wants to learn more about the Japanese culture and its practices. I especially like the portions and how it is written out. It’s very detailed and gives you lots of ideas and suggestions. The reason why the book is written in a way that is very easy to understand is because the author knows her audience. She understands how busy working women were in the olden days and she writes about that as well.

The next thing that impressed me about Why Japanese Women Don’t Get Fat was that Moriyama makes a point of inviting discussion between the sexes. In many books where women are dieting, they are often told to just do what men do. Women are made to feel guilty if they don’t follow men’s dietary requirements and lifestyle. This book however focuses more on men’s mindset in the culture of Japan.

While men can be very strict about what they eat, in Japan women are not always so strict. For example, many Japanese men still enjoy eating raw fish. If you’ve never had the privilege of enjoying sushi, why not give it a go and see how you like it.

Another thing that impressed me about Why Japanese Women Don’t Get Fat was that it was written for both men and women. Women can benefit from the information too, though they tend to think that men are the only ones who can benefit from these teachings. Men too can be educated in many aspects of health. Just because they eat mostly meat doesn’t mean that they are lacking in vitamins and minerals. It’s just that there are many different foods that they prefer.

A big theme in the book is the lifestyle of the Japanese. They live very active lives and are quite passionate about exercise. They also take a healthy diet and eat a variety of food from all across the world. While in the west, dieting may be seen as the preserve of celebrities and models, there are many models and celebrities out there who are also devoted to their health. These women will not only keep themselves looking slim but they will also become healthier and live longer.

Another great aspect about Why Japanese Women Don’t Get Fat is that it not only addresses dieting but a lifestyle as well. There are tips on how to find the right food to fit your lifestyle. They also discuss the importance of getting regular exercise. While many women prefer to spend time at the gym and focus solely on their weight, some men would prefer to spend more time with their family and play more sports. Both types of people could benefit from eating healthy food and incorporating physical exercise into their daily lives. Men and women can both find something that they like to help them shed off extra weight.